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Orthopedic Rehab Success Stories

Dear Brad, Tina, Mo, and Lisa – just a quick note to let you know I had a great Triathlon yesterday. The last .5 mile of the run I “felt” my knee a little bit – but it wasn’t even what I would describe as pain – rather just a “notification” that I was working it hard. I took Aleve the day before, day of, and day after the race, and experienced no swelling or pain. I clocked one of my fastest 5K run times as well. So, from wondering a month ago whether I would run another race or not, to a place where my knee now feels better than it did prior to the injury, is quite astounding. I followed up with my doctor, and he was delighted, and not surprised at all when I told him that I credit your practice with the lion’s share of my recovery.

You guys are a gift – that’s how I view you. Thank you so much – I’ll never forget what you have done for me.

After years of chronic health issues and no luck with doctors and various physical therapists, I was referred to Colorado Orthopedic. Immediately I was more than pleased! Lisa assessed all my problems quickly and was very efficient in getting to the root of all my problems. I felt at ease and finally had some hope that I would be able to be active again. I felt very comfortable talking to Lisa because she is such a great listener and very compassionate. I highly recommend Colorado Ortho and wish I would have found them years sooner. I did have a stubborn hip issue that Lisa suggested I see a surgeon for. It turned out that I needed surgery but I was so thankful to be refferred to an expert and am healing up very nicely. The office staff were also very helpful and flexible in working around my schedule.

I have been a patient with Colorado orthopedic rehab for about a year and half now. I have been in two car accidents and have seen Brad every time. My first car accident took the longest to heal but Brad was there for me the whole time. When I needed to get in right away and didn’t have an appointment he made sure he saw me. I went to a chiropractor before I went to physical therapy and they only told me I had one problem. When I showed up to Colorado Orthopedic Brad had come across a lot more problems. He knew what to do for everything. I had a very loopy schedule and never knew what I was doing until the day before, but they worked with me on it. Before my first accident my sister had messed up her elbow, Alicia and Lisa got her through it and got it worked out. The people at Colorado Orthopedic Rehab truly are a blessing to me!

– Christa

I live in Littleton about 20+ miles from Colorado Orthopedic Rehabilitation. I was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo BPPV years ago and my doctor did the epley maneuver on me and it worked however the vertigo kept coming back. My doctor said I had to find a Physical Therapist to work with me on my disease. He gave me some recommendations but they were not great. I took my search to Google and found these guys. They have a therapist who is uniquely trained to treat BPPV and they convinced me to make the drive. Boy am I glad I did. After one treatment I was vertigo free for about 6 months and she does a better treatment than Epley. I won’t go anywhere else ever again. If you want to symptom free and get your life back these guys know what they are doing. I am confident they are the best physical therapy for any injury or accident or joint replacement – they have 1 on 1 care and there goal is for you to live pain free. Don’t waste your time like I did make the appointment now.

– Julia F.